vetroIN transforms and customizes glass surpassing the usual way to use it in the partition walls. The glass is not only used by definition as a transparent material only but as an element of interaction with the environment, as a combination between shape and function, between style and performance. Flat, curved, laminated or tempered glass. It is proposed in its most stimulating and evocative applications, in its most innovative and technological working processes. In vetroIN, the glass is sound barrier and light transmitter, binder of solid panels, fabrics or leaves, it is an interactive projection screen, it is an iridescent surface, changing in colors, reflections and transparencies, it is a support for interior or surface decorations, flat or three-dimensional, obtained with modern laser processing. vetroIN gives new meaning to the glass, mixes finishes, techniques and materials to provide always new ideas and suggestions. Everything with great technical experience, planning expertise, curiosity.