solid wall

Solid wall is a traditional partition wall unit to be fitted with accessories and proposed in 3 versions: solid, double glass and single glass. The partition, 100 mm thick, has an inner supporting structure of zinc-coated vertical and horizontal profiles and it is fitted with hanged modules, in wood or framed glass, 50/100/150/200 cm wide. The uprights are equipped of adjustable feet, on floor and ceiling. A gasket is fixed where the metal structure touches the finishing panels to provide tightness and to cover the shadow-gap. Floor and ceiling tracks, corners, abutments and ending profiles, are made of extruded aluminium and are fitted with plastic seals. Doors are available in the hinged version with solid or glass leaf, with linear hinge or framed, or in the external sliding version, with single and double leaf, and can be provided both in standard and full-height.