Vetroin, since 2006, designs and manufactures glass partitions of the latest generation for the office. Transparency, functionality and design have inspired 5 ranges of partition walls: from simple single-glazed to the evolved double-glazed systems, from the innovative partitions with recessed track up to the traditional wall units, partitioning and storage. Vetroin has been able to evolve its experience of glassworks, which began in 2001, so as to provide its customers with transparent partitions that exceed the ordinary practice. Laser processing, glass layering with fabrics and wood, LCD film to adjust the transparency, rear and front projection systems. All expertly orchestrated by technical experience and expertise that allows each time to evolve projects and make them unique and exclusive. The method, research, passion have been recognized in the ISO 9001 and Leed certification. Attention to the environment and its protection have started the procedure of environmental management to comply with the requirements of UNI EN ISO 14001 certification for design, production and installation. Vetroin today designs and manufactures partitions of the latest generation in glass, aluminum and wood for any location.